11oLsen Max4Live Devices

Nocturn Live Api Device

Name: Nocturn Live Api Device
Version: 0.9
Published: 2014/3/5
Updated: 2016/4/7
Type: Ableton Max Device
OS: only Windows x86/x64


Control Ableton Live with your Novation Nocturn. Provides several pages for mixer and device control, switchable with the controller.

Category: Max4Live Devices

Random Sample Picker

Name: Random Sample Picker
Version: 2.1
Published: 2014/4/12
Updated: 2014/4/28
Type: Ableton Max Device
Platform: ALL

Get a random selection of files from any or all places of the Live browser. Or get a not completely random selection by applying some filters.

Category: Max4Live Devices


Name: Reminder
Version: 1.2
Published: 2013/2/1
Updated: 2016/2/4
Type: Ableton Max Device
Platform: ALL

Reminder will pop up a defined message at a defined time interval. You can also set a fixed time point for a reminder message.

Category: Max4Live Devices

Random Simpler

Name: Random Simpler
Version: 0.7
Published: 2015/1/8
Updated: 2017/6/30
Type: Max4Live Instrument
OS: Windows, Mac OS X
Compatibility: latest Max 7 + Live

This Max4Live instrument is a sample player combined with a unique way to load samples. All your audio files in one pool for random selection. Break free from the folder structure that holds your sounds.

Category: Max4Live Devices

Parameter Randomizer

Name: Parameter Randomizer
Version: 1.0
Published: 2016/3/17
Updated: -
Type: Ableton Max Device
OS: Windows, Mac OS X
Compatibility: created in Max 7

Randomize parameters of your Live set and devices. The random value depends on a probability distribution you can set for every parameter.

Category: Max4Live Devices