Enhance the capabilities of the Max/Msp programming interface.

With the power of lower level languages like C/C++, we extend the range of objects for the Max programmer.
So be careful with saying "This can't be done with Max!" ;-)

Ideally, the external supports the Windows and Mac platforms and is documented in a helpfile.

Important filetypes:

  • .mxe64 - external compiled for Windows
  • .mxo - external compiled for Mac
  • .maxhelp - related Max helpfile


All officially published externals from 11olsen.de are open-source but can be used/redistributed in any project, commercial or not. The external's source code or any work based upon it needs to remain open-source if distributed.


Put the unzipped folder into the search path of Max/Msp. The folder contains the needed files and sometimes additional resources or information related to the external. For an updated external, replace the folder with the new one. Externals may cause a quarantine warning on a Mac. Allow Max to remove the quarantine flags and proceed.

Free devices for the Max/Msp interface in Ableton Live.

bible.png Max/Msp Examples
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Interesting patchers, scripts and snippets for Max/Msp. 

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