Random Simpler

Random Simpler

Name: Random Simpler
Version: 0.8.2
Published: 2015/1/8
Updated: 2018/2/28
Type: Max4Live Instrument
OS: Windows, Mac OS X

latest Max 7 or 8 and
latest Live 9 or 10

This Max4Live instrument is a sample player combined with an audio file browser to load samples. Navigate a list of randomly picked sounds from a selection of folders or with filenames matching your search terms. Break free from the folder structure that holds your sounds.

Often, when you start a new track, you do not exactly know what kind of sounds you're looking for. This device can be a refreshing alternative way to browse and find inspiring soundfiles. Even if you know what you are looking for and you use a specific folder selection and search terms, the results are never in the same order like when you are browsing your favourite drum folder for the hundreds of times. It's also highly suited to browse longer files like your mp3/flac collection as it loads audio fast and without blocking Ableton Live. Prelisten any position with a mouseclick into the waveform and drag n' drop files from the device to any target.


The right part of the device is the file filter. It's used to limit the file selection:
- to any group of folders/subfolders
- to files that match your search strings
- to files with a certain size

The file filter can access audio samples in any folder / subfolder, you added to the "Places" section of Ableton Live's browser. Unfortunately m4l-devices can't load encrypted aif files that are used in Live Packs and Librarys.

The filelist is an extraction of 128 random files out of all matches. It can be used like the Live browser (prelistening, batch selection, drag n drop from the number column) but the selected file is always loaded into the sampler instantly and therefore, can be seeked, pitched, played via midi right away.
128 is a good number for example to map the dial to select the sample from the list. But with "auto refresh" enabled, the device will pick a new random selection whenever you reach the end of the list. This way you can create an endless stream of new samples from all matches if you (or an automation) is going up or down in the list continuously.   

The left side of the device is the sampler part with common parameters to control the sample playback.
You can load a file by dropping it on the device, but that's not the way it's meant to be used. There are up / down buttons to navigate the filelist and load a sample from there.

With "Global Control"  button set to ON, nearly every control of this device is a macro for all or a group of the other instances. Use the up / down buttons in this mode and all instances will change the sample at once. You can copy file filter settings or even the currently selected sample across other devices.

More experimental things are possible if you add multiple instances to a Liveset and use the "Global Control" feature. One button press on your midi controller could change all samples in a song. Or you add midi generating devices and compose/generate with very reduced controls.

After playing around with it for a while you may notice how useful it would be to have some audio descriptors for every file that could be used to filter files by selectors like frequency, key, attack, ... Maybe it becomes this kind of "Meta Simpler" someday.

I assume this device runs on any system matching the requirements. If it crashes for you or you find a bug, please send me a short note.



Put it into your library and drop it onto a miditrack or drumpad in Ableton Live.



2017/12/30 v0.8.2

  • more fixes for Live 10 compatibility

2017/12/30 v0.8.1

  • faster (less blocking) loading of soundfiles
  • added file list, shows 128 random files out of all matches,
    load and prelisten with the mouse, or select with dial, or iterate with next/prev buttons,
    refresh list manually or automatically,
    drag file / files from the device to somewhere else in Live (and use it as audio clip or a Simpler instantly),
    select multiple files by holding down CTRL (CMD), select a range of files by holding down SHIFT
  • mouseclick on waveform: upper half -> zoom/move, lower half -> play audio,
    hold CTRL (CMD) -> set START, hold ALT -> set END (like before)
  • only one filename-searchbar but with + and - syntax
  • device has a toggle to be monophonic or 8-voice polyphonic (needs more RAM)
  • filter presets are sorted and loadable with a mapable dial https://youtu.be/3ucsIiUDRuE
  • velocity to volume dial
  • possible to load a file by dropping on the device (just in case)
  • random start position feature
  • dropping fav/ban tagging (replacing with something else in the future)
  • compatibility fixes for Live 10

2017/6/30 v0.7

  • now we can export files as links to be used in other devices
  • filename filter improvements
  • preset system improvements
  • sample history: it's possible to search a new sample without filling the history
  • more bugfixes

2015/5/25 v0.6

  • canceled Max 6 compatibility (the new features require Max 7)
  • browse for subfolders and select them
  • additional file types (flac, mp3)
  • an 8-voice polyphonic version
  • any device parameter is now reliably saved and recalled with the ableton project
  • doubleclick in the waveform to prelisten from that position

2015/2/7 v0.5

  • fixed Max 6 compatibility
  • important fixes of the playback engine
  • you can now hold CTRL(command) or ALT to set start or end points in the waveform


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Category: Max4Live Devices
0 # Tri Friday, 03 November 2017 13:06
Hi, really cool device! I was wondering if you were planning to add a velocity-volume control (like on the regular simpler/sampler devices)? It's the one thing I'm currently missing from it.
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0 # 11olsen Friday, 03 November 2017 13:12
sure, added to the todo-list..
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0 # 11olsen Thursday, 04 January 2018 14:09
Added in version 0.8.1
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0 # daveybfire Saturday, 06 February 2016 10:47
This is an amazing and incredibly useful device - there are so many possibilities - on its own or in combination with other devices. Unlimited fuel for your creativity. Go ahead - liberate all your samples. Simply brilliant - thank you!
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0 # 11olsen Monday, 08 February 2016 18:05
Hi, thanks for your words. Yes, I use it to make some random music in combination with midi generating devices. I'm glad you like it.
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0 # Felix Wednesday, 25 May 2016 11:05
hello! thx for device! which midi generating devices are you using with random simpler?
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0 # 11olsen Wednesday, 25 May 2016 16:14
Hi. I'm using modified versions of Instant House, Rhytmicator, and a selfmade sequence generator.
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