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Nocturn4Live Device 1.0

As requested many times, this device now also works for Mac users. I know, it's a very small group of people that might be interessted in this but that doesn't matter. This device was one of my first "babys" and now it deserves the version number 1.0.


Nocturn support for Mac users

In April of this year, I started porting the 11nocturn external to Mac. It ended up in a nearly complete rewrite but now, the C source code is completely cross-platform and released on github.

The object comes with many improvements like internal buffering of in- / output and an outlet, reporting the connection state. Next, I'm going to release an updated Nocturn4Live device because that's what this external was made for.

The source code maybe interessting because libusb can be used to connect to a lot of devices without writing your own drivers.

11nocturn external

11nocturn external source code


Furthermore, the 11clicks external code has been cleaned up and is available at github.

11clicks external

11clicks external source code


11strokes 2020

An update for the 11strokes Max external to support the missing keypad / numpad keys.


Cleaned up the code and combined Win & OSX version into a github repository.


More new externals are in the pipeline and already released ones will be given an update in near future.
The source code of all free externals by 11olsen.de will be available on Github in near future.   


Random Simpler 0.8.1 and ffmpeg external

Sorry for doing progress so infrequently here. Lately, I mainly did Max C-external developement. Some of the results are implemented in the current Random Simpler M4L device version. The 11ffload external is used to load audio files without blocking the current thread. I'm not going into details now, in short, it allows to load+prelisten an audio file very fast. You can download the 64-bit 11ffload external for OSX and Windows for free. (source code included)

Another thing you won't find anywhere else is drag 'n drop of files FROM Max / Max4Live to a target. I can now build a custom file browser based on meta data of audio files and their slices. That is something i wanted to do for years but "drag and drop of files" was the missing building block.      

Simulated keyboard input events v2.0

11strokes is now available as cross-platform external. It now provides platform and keyboard layout independent keycodes.

Random Simpler 0.6


The device now offers a little browser window to select any subfolder to be included. This is a huge step forward in terms of usability. Select a group of subfolders from totally different locations to form the basis for the random selection. Furthermore countless improvements under the hood. The result is a faster loading device that uses less resources.

Oh, Max 7 is now required because of one main reason. Max 7 comes with a newer SQLite version that allows recursive queries. For example to find all subfolders of a folder with unknown and unlimited search depth in the database.

Over years I was convinced that a m4l device's audiofile is not taken into account when you "collect all and save" to make a Live project portable. That's simply wrong. The live.drop object makes this possible and is of course now implemented into the Random Simpler.  

Please check out the further changes and have fun.         

Random Simpler 0.5

The first update after an initial release is always important. Thanks to all who helped me out with reports and suggestions. 

what else: I fixed a bug of the 11clicks object related to screen coordinates on systems with 2 or more screens. 

Random Sample Picker - Mac OS Version

It was a matter of finding a way to create the links with applescript, the other parts of the device translated very well to Mac. The users Library folder, where you find Live's database, is hidden by default but I added a "auto detect" button to make that easier. 

Reminder 1.1

I made this a year ago to regularly remind me to save the current project. I used a very unstable development environment at this time and often lost hours of work due to a crash.

Now someone told me he uses it to prevent him from getting stuck in unproductive operations while making music.

However, there seemed to be a bug while loading the settings of the device. I tried to fix it and added some features. Tell me if that was not successful.

Random Sample Picker v2.1

I had to eliminate a bug and at the same time i added some things for completeness. Read the changelog to get more specific info.

Nocturn Live Api Device 0.7

As suggested on maxforlive.com, i reworked the resolution system of the encoders. And I'm very happy with it so far. It's now easy to make a full range left or right turn and at the same time use a much higher resolution if you turn slowly. It's a direct relationship between encoder turning speed and stepsize. Please report if this needs further finetuning.

Furthermore a usability boost of the device pages in form of a system to change and save the order of parameters of devices, 2 additional modes for snapshot fades, and a quick way to hotswap devices.